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  2. @'Pixie is the definition of peace

  3. omagosh people blame ryder everywhere time to leave the earth ryder xdd
  4. couldn't agree enough. You shouldn't brag about your skills everytime. it's just speed, nothing else. (only applicable in some maps. NOT ALL)
  5. l2lose mate. FzH was better this time? So what? better luck next time
  6. You also lost my respect WTF!! Gg wp.
  7. LOL.. Reitrem be like, *Intense discussion going on* (after 5 minutes) okay we choose Greyscale! flatz gonna finish it ezpz,
  8. imma buy some africans. rip u guys kek Good game. Enjoyed watching half of it. Thanks Wiz for carrying us!
  9. <3<3 *He was raging on me 2 hours before cuz of that dd CW* xD Anyways it was an enjoyable clan war. But reitrem, Just let Booze pick the maps next time. You guys suck in it
  10. The funniest part of the cw is Reitrem's breaking chair and evan's vacations in africa farms. It was indeed an amazing clan-war it's not about winning or loosing it's about how you play and enjoy the game, waseem sometimes you need to chill out lol and snap tried his best never saw him driving that much better after a very long time (plus so much desperate for smoking) It was great that we tried to add many players as we can in cw so everyone can have a chance to participate. Good game peeps!
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  12. gg
  13. gg
  14. pH nG RFH DDC eX
  15. gg
  16. Hey guys, just a little reminder once again. No matter how small and silly you think your comments can be, it makes a difference. Also, I'd invite you  to remember that the fact that you're  behind a screen won't make you any less of a human being and that there's someone over there reading you too, whether it's a girl or a boy it doesn't matter, we're still humans and we have feelings. You'll never know what that person is going through right now and maybe you never will anyways, so please don't talk down on someone's name just because you may or may not like them.


    1. ŜÃϻ


      Golden words..

  17. In-game name of the hacked toptime: [Pop]Luang Mode: EDM Map name: Albert v14 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In-game name of the hacked toptime: [eG]Scropian[x] Mode: EDM Map name: 824km
  18. well played
  19. good game
  20. Welcome to the following members - ScaR has joined the family as Member. Doshka has joined the family as member. -WesK has joined as Elite Member
  21. Good luck guys.
  22. Lol RFH rekt DDC for wins xD
  23. hhhhh Good luck
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