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  1. @'Pixie is the definition of peace

  2. l2lose mate. FzH was better this time? So what? better luck next time
  3. imma buy some africans. rip u guys kek Good game. Enjoyed watching half of it. Thanks Wiz for carrying us!
  4. <3<3 *He was raging on me 2 hours before cuz of that dd CW* xD Anyways it was an enjoyable clan war. But reitrem, Just let Booze pick the maps next time. You guys suck in it
  5. Update Ryder and Foxy are in a relationship from now on And update 2.0 Hyperz=back
  6. 12th July mate
  7. Luckily not Have you ever robbed someone?
  8. Yes Have you ever had sex with someone while you were drunk?
  9. Yes Did you ever fail to get a boner?
  10. Every month usually to randoM Have you ever scammed someone?
  11. @KatTheCat ur ready for tonight?

    1. Show previous comments  29 more
    2. LilsnappY


      You guys are like the biggest pussies i've seen. Get someone to bully from your own age

    3. KatTheCat


      Someone lock this status..

    4. randoM


      Here I am for u @LilsnappY

  12. Not yet Have you ever had sex with an unknown person?
  13. Yes Have you ever sold drugs?
  14. *Calls randoM*