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  1. 1. Im looking for a different solution to that problem. 2. Not reliably detectable 3. No 4. Not possible 5. No? But the round wont end until the other player dies/reaches the hunter 6. Not possible 7. Go play MTA
  2. Silent Patch (asi) ENB (dll) (injects a second (TOP SECRET, NOT GONNA TELL YA) d3d9 (proxy)) Various graphical changes
  3. Randomness can't be predicted. And to all the others: I think I'd rather wait until they can cure your Alzheimer.
  4. First of all i gotta check if attached objects have collisions , im not sure about that. I thought that we could do it like Rocket League's Rumble mode , its being charged for a few seconds and then you get a random item which you can activate for a few seconds and then it charges again. But if we'd do it I'd not do it permanently , more like twice per day at random/fixed times. And I also don't know how it works out with our collision detection.
  5. I have accepted your suggestion. It will be added as soon as possible. Do not ask us about it. Thank you for your contribution to our community.
  6. #1 Yup #2 Yup #3 Yup #4 Already done #ND3.0 #5 Maybe
  7. 3.0_112dd04 (June 12, 2017) → Added the new music player New Interface New & faster API (Faster downloads!) Premium players can create their own music channel which you can join (Gets deleted once the owner disconnects) Commands: /music /channels /skipsong (Usable as admin or channel owner) /createchannel (Usable as premium player) /deletechannel (Usable as channel owner)
  8. No
  9. Everything will be gone. When we delete the accounts, we have to delete everything else too.
  10. And you really think we would rely on a screenshot from the player while we have a database with 100% correct values? The way the stats are divided right now (e.g. DM and EDM) makes it rather impossible for us to give back the old stats to the players, that's the main reason why we decided to reset them (The other reason is that it's a lot easier as it's a pain in the ass to convert the old database to the new one.) There's really no point in keeping the old stats as there are many new statistics being tracked in ND3.0 and that would just not fit.
  11. sorryjosh
  12. 3.0_803cd56 (June 4, 2017) → Added the forgotten /ban command → Added /mute → Added /redo → Added /lockmode → Fixed bug with proxy/vpn detection and a bug with messages directed to admins being formatted wrongly
  13. 3.0_8282810 (June 2, 2017) → Added /togpm (Yes, this saves..) → Added /blockpm (No, this does not save..) → Added /ann → Added /report
  14. 3.0_53f0f12 (May 31, 2017) → Added all currently available sound commands to /sound → Added /donate (or /pay) → Changed /nick , it now updates all names in the database → Some minor additions and changes