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  1. Rekt, ggwp
  2. wannabe francis.. I probs dont even know you, so, no hate towards you at all. Gl
  3. I support the first one only
  4. In all seriousness: 1. eX 2. eX 3. eX 4. eX 5. eX
  5. Bruh, ppl getting mad cus i give reps to others. Speechless. @WesK

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Potato


      Look at his ban appeal last reply, he truly is pissed off lmao 

    3. ViperiTo


      ben potato for asslicking men

    4. Potato


      Yes 😍👅💦💦

  6. no clouds
  7. Once a legend, always a legend. Always respected you, don't change, people should accept you the way you are. smh
  8. Aye, this can get locked and archived. @Xero
  9. tf, that's bad
  10. i already denied u yesterday nigguh Accepte..DENIED ly xoxoxoxo
  11. Yes
  12. True that. People already interviewed also should be re-interviewed because I believe people (including myself) changed a lot since then. I already suggested that to duuh.
  13. cringe af 🤦‍♂️ kms