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  1. [DM] i[R]anLee* v12 - TRANSFORMERS ! __________________________________ This map is purely amazing, I don't have a lot to say, everything is so cool on it, it's very very nice, from the track to the record everything was made by iRanLee, he did an amazing job here!
  2. Looks like this section has turn itself into an apologies section. But anyway, good luck in that, hoping to see that new Driver act well.
  3. Would be nice to have this interviews things back, it was really nice to know more about the players from the community and stuff with this
  4. Nice one there Link! Enjoyable track, sweet deco, simply a great map! Great job and great record as well!
  5. First, how comes it took you this much time to do a ban appeal if it was a "mistake" to enable your airbreak? Second, why do you even had hacks installed while playing? Third, how can I know you are not lying and actually hacked on purpose?
  6. I have accepted your ban appeal. We would like to excuse if you were banned wrongly. Enjoy playing on our server.
  7. Thanks for being honest, and I hope you won't deceive me, because I'm trusting you, hoping to not see you rule breaking around and have fun. You are now unbanned, have a good time around and enjoy!
  8. Well, we are glad you admitted using hacks, but how can we be sure that you won't use hacks again, what gives us the certainty you are clean now? I would like to have some convincing points from you in either you have changed or not. I'll let you reply one last time with some convincing reasons on why should you be unbanned and allow me to trust you.
  9. I don't care about the topic, but FCB all the way, RMA can go choke
  10. OP OP OP Welcome back around mate
  11. I did kick you after asking you to remove your sK tag and not receiving any response as it is a restricted clan tag for the "Skilled Kings" members, an official clan which you are not a part of. New Dawn first opened in 2011, so there is no way you played in 2008. Another point that I should mention, is the closure of New Dawn and it's re-opening, which had all the accounts deleted, which means the stats included. So your account was taken away with it. Your sK clan is no longer alive, and the new sK is currently an official clan, so i'm sorry to tell you that you'll either have to join sK to keep the tag or else you'll have to remove or change it to something else
  12. Player has been banned, thank you for reporting! Locked & Archived.
  13. Both toptimes have been removed!
  14. Wouldn't be a bad implementation, specially if we add a total number of maps in the mode, we could have something like: Server Stats: Total Number Of DM Maps: 125 Total Number Of EDM Maps: 180 Total Number Of Maps In The Server: 1000 Player Stats: DM Maps Finished: 24/125 EDM Maps Finished: 45/180 Could be a challenging and fun stat to reach! I'm up for this one +1