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  1. US nC DoH eX KOR
  2. -1 First get nd back to 70-80 players then u can start working on new servers...
  3. we shall see how u will become Gj for tryin
  4. you dont understand... thunder is undercover ND Agent he enters clans to check theres stats out then leave, sneaky as hell but effective
  5. Nerd
  6. [KOR]Thunder will be his next name? or is it [rwp]thunder? Stay tuned for the updates
  7. but but.. i.. damn it potato u hater... i shall find u and will bomb you
  8. so now that ramadan is over ma fellow muslimos how often will u get the red tab open huehue

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    2. ŜÃϻ


      lmao you focking dicknugget.


    3. simply1337



    4. SerialKiller


      fuck off frozen i live in egypt.. Rofl but u my fellow arab live in canada maybe can get me some gurlz

  9. interviews? shit sign me in
  10. hei me is old member kor wnt rejoin thenks
  11. admen thunder hes bullying me but i aint even black ban him ples
  12. can i join kor ples
  13. ggwp ezpz
  14. Downloaded Csgo Payday2 And my pc Ran neither of em #Sadlife

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    2. SerialKiller


      why frozen? why?1611490

    3. Potato


      Time to move on, I guess, your toaster gonna start overheating.. especially now when summer is about to start

    4. ŜÃϻ


      potato expired pc