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  1. One of the hardest cws I've ever played... Good game, guys. I hope more cws nmc vs sc in the future
  2. Many clans have been playing cw's in the derby. I think it would be a good time for a derby tournament.
  3. Ps: Initial D is the best Anime! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. Animes: Initial D, Dragon Ball Super, Naruto and Shingeki No Kyojin. Séries: Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Vikings, Marco Polo, Two And a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory Someone with a taste similar to mine?
  5. Potato is Epic!
  6. Wp @off Legend vs Legend
  7. Map video: When i record, fps drops so much, hard to drive (Fuch the fails), but np xd
  8. I did not say that my idea is good, just said that you words have no arguments With these 2 arguments , you that there is a lot to learn yet. New maps ins't new way to sucess, join on derby servers and look that much servers use only old maps (without decoration). #Fact_1 Samp is different, it has maps with 100 objects that the player fps at 30 (even with little decoration). #Fact_2 Log on to mta's servers and see if I'm lying. Then enter the new dawn server and set the maps "Jungle1, Jungle2, Jungle3" look the fps You are the type of person who judges the book by its cover, nor do you want to test the system and already say that you do not like the idea Dont think that you are the last one experienced here ... This is my inactive account: https://dawn-tdm.com/profile/475-alien_ , I'm on new dawn from the beginning here too My subject with you ends here, do not waste my time with uninformed people who do not even want to play derby.
  9. It's simple because I'm sure, I'm the oldest player in dd here, and it's always been that way. Any good derby player knows that for the perfect direction, there can not be a minimum of delay. Set maps like Jungle, or with many objects ... And see the fps ... I do not see you making criticisms bulding, you just dont want accept the idea. Our discussion is waste of time ... You can give me good explanations and say why an idea is bad, and I can give give good explanation why an idea is cool. But about your explanations are false, i am on derby since 2006, a nolifer derby, you try show that know more than me about derby, Haha'... is really hilarious.
  10. I started in the derby since 2006 ~ 2007, "New maps are not the way" if you join mta derby servers, 90% of the derby serves only classic zaya maps (made in 2008 ~ 2009). Map with many objects and decoration in the derby give a certain delay, so that's why the old maps are more successful. In addition to having two rooms, you can not play in the new room :)) For those who do not like the idea is simple ... Probably have 2 rooms, just keep playing in the traditional
  11. 90% of gtasa objects attached on vehicles have collision (not all, but majority)...
  12. Must have two rooms in the derby, as in DM (DM and EDM). One with the traditional derby mode and others with this innovation. So who does not like innovation can play in the traditional room