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  1. But my signature is still true
  2. +1 I might start watching Prison Break, is it worth to watch?
  3. When you have free, unlimited electricity...

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      ey man wtf that's private

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      Hahahahahaha talking about francis right aka camper ☺

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      Like it takes alot of electricity..

  4. Maybe vehicle attached objects are the ones with collision, and player attached objects without.
  5. I feel like people would abuse this by activating the ramp as soon as someone is about to push you, to "bug" his car into your ramp. And vehicle attached objects are non-collidable.
  6. You don't know our implementation of the chats. It's not too complicated, but complicated enough that we won't do it.
  7. 3.0_a768b43 (June 11, 2017) → Implemented the clanwar mode in the main server Wizard-based clanwar setup Clanwar infopanel (Screenshot) Added /cwinfo to see which players are currently playing in a clanwar Added /t (Teamchat), (admins can read this chat if they're not participating in the clanwar) Added some admin commands for the CW mode This branch had 69 commits. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. /nopm is already implemented ingame: /togpm /ignore is too complicated to implement in PAWN, but in 3.0 you will be able to toggle on / off the Global Chat with /togglobal and you can ignore PMs from specific users with /blockpm
  9. Congratulations
  10. Added clan introduction video.
  11. Apparently I have to explain this to you again. I neither insulted VeltaR nor was I making fun of his english. He was being rude when I asked why FFS was even a topic, on our New Dawn server, so I responded with "You could learn some english", that's it. [18:32:40] [DD/DM] [US] (26): but why is FFS even a topic? We're on New Dawn [18:32:49] [DD/DM] [RFH]Amoney (13): he is just talking omg u guys [18:32:49] [DD/DM] VeltaR (7): i just saying! [18:32:51] [DD/DM] [RFH]Amoney (13): shhh [18:32:52] [DD/DM] VeltaR (7): you cut give a fck. [18:32:58] [DD/DM] [RFH]Stig (2): idk but just tryign to decypher him [18:33:04] [DD/DM] [US] (26): You could learn some english. Yes, you reported Francis for fighting and provoking VeltaR. And of course, I told them to calm down, what did you expect? A warning and mute for both? The discussion was over after I "officially" warned Francis and VeltaR verbally, so I don't even know why you're trying to make a fuss about it. [18:39:01] [DD/DM] [US] (26): k now calm down again please [18:39:12] [DD/DM] [RFH]Amoney (13): francis can you stop fighting? [18:39:18] [DD/DM] [US]Francis[V] (11): im not fighting [18:39:22] [DD/DM] [US]Francis[V] (11): stop being rude to authorities [18:39:23] [DD/DM] [US]Francis[V] (11): ommg [18:39:29] [DD/DM] [US] (26): VeltaR, stop talking about FFS etc [18:39:30] [DD/DM] =ftw=Vic[T] (3): in my opinion i dont think it's advertising because every player here know ffs ? [18:39:37] [DD/DM] [RFH]Amoney (13): yep [18:39:37] [DD/DM] [US]Francis[V] (11): no what is ffs? [18:39:39] [DD/DM] [US] (26): and Francis stop being rude / provoking new People You just defamed our clan (not counting the other times in this thread so far). Just because US has administrators, doesn't mean that we don't punish our members. I am aware, that the report is not against me, but as I am indirectly involved, I wanted to express myself on the matter.
  12. Probably.
  13. Filterscripts are only used for the maps in the modes on 3.0 and each mode only has 1 filterscript loaded.
  14. The current SA-MP filterscript limit in 0.3.7 is 16, so it'd be possible to have 16 maps loaded simultaneously. I found a way to bypass the filterscript limit, but it would make the server lag whenever a filterscript gets loaded.
  15. Another nice map from FachX (and the other guys).