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  1. I feel disappointed. Go throw yourselves over a cliff now.
  2. Brag more, yet you deny to cw us.
  3. It's actually the 4th versus SC hah
  4. Well that's a lot better now.
  5. Well you see the thing, I've been around MTA DD too and I know the difference. But, what you are not considering is that MTA is way more different than SA-MP and until now there has not been any problem with decoration or whatsoever, only maps are the big deal for the moment and why not two or three extra things that will show up in 3.0.
  6. In my opinion that's just silly and useless. Like seriously, adding a ramp behind the car so your friend can make a jump ain't good enough. For derby to succeed again there have to be many new maps because the current one's have been around for many years and the removal of many is also important.
  7. Looking for someone generous enough to give us a hand with the clan thread. We need someone to help us make a totally new thread and we lack the skills ourselves to do such thing. I cannot offer much but in game money. Hit me up if you're able to help. Thanks in advance.

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    2. Thunder


      Hit me up with what you need and I'll either help you with it or forward this to some of my friends to make something dope for you guys

    3. Francis


      i can do paint

    4. LilsnappY
  8. Love you guys! We are actually looking forward to teamwork with you in a following cw. Thanks for the cute words tho. SC legacy will continue.
  9. It was 16-2, you didn't win a round at Cross 17.
  10. This dickhead does not by any means got any connection with weed.
  11. ...
  12. SC is now Official once again. Thank you Thunder.
  13. Got pissed off, yes. Cries no, that retard made us loose and I'm done cwing with his useless ass.