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  1. Eid Mubarak Fellas ☺

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    2. ŜÃϻ


      Ayeee eid mubarakaan janii ach miloon hyderabad may ghumoo pheroon mazo kayoon <3

    3. Driver


      Eid Mubarak to you2 C:

    4. SerialKiller


      u too ma man tto you too

  2. Good game guys Keep it up
  3. Welcome buddy!!
  4. Unfortunately I have to deny your unban appeal. Do not open a new ban appeal unless told, doing this will revoke your chance to get unbanned. If you feel like this ban appeal was handled incorrectly, send a PM to one of the lead administrators.
  5. I really appreciate that you owned your mistakes but you need some more time to know the main rules. Re-appeal in 1 month ( 20 - 07 - 2017 ) . Consider this as your last chance if you caught again the ban will be permanent. Do not brother to create a new appeal before the ban period otherwise the ban period will be extended. Regards, Felix
  6. Greetings Kalash, Since Physiks is kinda busy in real life problems so i am handling this appeal. So i saw your previous records and concluded that we gave you so many chances but you ignored them. i just need to ask one thing that in that ban period of mainly 5 to 6 months why you evaded like 10 to 11 times? Waiting for your good explanation.
  7. Try to put some efforts in your topic Anyways good luck ☺
  8. Good game guys
  9. good game guys keep it up (y)
  10. Fankew PS: I already know that ☺
  11. Agree with the above statements. +1.
  12. Welcome Back Mate!!
  13. Fo 😒
  14. Welcome back Buddy!!