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  8. ye i decided to upload easy map xd
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  10. Thunder he is lying but if you want to deny this report as you wish... Check this report carefully
  11. Your in-game name: XtreamFlaw Reported players name: [pH]Fr0zen[rF] Date/time: August 30. Reason for reporting: Scamming. Proof: Anything you want to add? He told me if i send him 100k he won't report me, but he still reported me even after i sent him money. I don't know if proof is enough or no, but that really happened. Also his members are scamming too.
  12. I don't remember my password
  13. Account name: [nC]XtreamFlaw Date & Time: Can't remember. Witnesses: No-one. Detailed description of the problem: I registered this account by wrong and now i want to change my name to [nC]XtreamFlaw but it says this account is already registered. 0