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  1. In-game name: iCloudz Age: 17 Sex: male Country: Egypt - Alex Languages: English Hobbies: volleyball Skype: omar.ahmed2241 Warnings: 0 Bans: (If yes, why you were banned?) no All previous Nicknames: Twixx - Yellow All previous Clans: nG . pH . rwp Why did you leave or got kicked from your previous Clan?: nG : Closed , pH[woa] : Closed , [rwp] all is Spanish and i felt lonely in the clan Most played modes: DD.EDM.DM Activity: Active 14 hours per day Stats : - Were you in RFH before?: no -If yes, why did you leave or got kicked?: - - If yes, why should we accept you again?: - - Why would you like to join RFH?: RFH is friendly clan and the members is active , best DM clan EDM also . - What do you think that you could add to RFH?: i will help the clan to get DD , EDM points . and i will be loyal to the clan - Did you contact/talk with us atleast once?: yes - Are you friendly to everybody?: yes - Would you rape Snappy's ass?: no - Is Foxy Lazy?: no - Is Jimmeh Jimmeh?: yes - Are you cute?: yes - Is Suky the sweetest Penguin on earth?: ofc - Do you want to add something else?: join rfh is my dream
  2. GG both
  3. GG Well played
  4. Your in-game name: iCloudz. Reported players name: Hehuu Date/time: now 6/18/2017 Reason for reporting: Fly hack Proof: Anything you want to add? No thanks
  5. such score GG
  6. WP
  7. sounds good . Nice
  8. Pick a number between 1 to 50 and grab your chance of getting awarded with 20.000$ in-game each week! ehm xD
  9. Add me to the topic @Fr0ZeN
  10. GGwp
  11. GGwp :0
  12. GG