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  1. LOL.. Reitrem be like, *Intense discussion going on* (after 5 minutes) okay we choose Greyscale! flatz gonna finish it ezpz,
  2. The funniest part of the cw is Reitrem's breaking chair and evan's vacations in africa farms. It was indeed an amazing clan-war it's not about winning or loosing it's about how you play and enjoy the game, waseem sometimes you need to chill out lol and snap tried his best never saw him driving that much better after a very long time (plus so much desperate for smoking) It was great that we tried to add many players as we can in cw so everyone can have a chance to participate. Good game peeps!
  3. Are you a CIA reporter that's gonna record everything there? I think your trial bandicam version won't last longer xd
  4. AHAHA, you need a cookie for that.
  5. @LilsnappY gg
  6. -KOR -RFH -dWa -MM -WTF old best clans ikr
  7. @Antonio REKT! GG-WP
  8. wow, gz gz
  9. i swear if you didn't add me up this time, I'm gonna kick every single of you from the group note it.
  10. RIP KOR, shame on u gg-wp
  11. Ayy lmao best.
  12. Basically for FzH it's 14 - 4 gg-wp.
  13. where is Powerpuff girls and ben 10? PS: i still watch it sometime xd