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  1. It's Forbidden's fault, he didn't carry KOR. :|
  2. [CH]Thunder (clan hopper) sorry thunder :> :> :>
  3. I already chose that number...
  4. My name is not in the list, might be because I'm not in your group. Just to let you know
  5. Wow, welcome back!
  6. Who's serpent? super rip
  7. Yes I was a classroom clown Have you ever been mean to someone you love/loved?
  8. Nope, what's the point of a reset that way? It would be easier to use the same database if they started refunding.
  9. No... That would be awkward lmao. I think I'd suicide with the shame. Have you ever ban evade in ND?
  10. Welcome back
  11. Twice in 6 years. Have you ever been KOR?
  12. Are you planning on killing someone or what
  13. No, thanks for the idea. Have you ever been arrested?
  14. He didn't bump the topic.