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[TUT] Work with mIRC

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Project New Dawn

Work with mIRC

In this tutorial I'll show you how to work with mIRC, what is it, change the layout, some basic scripts, highlighting, etc..

NOTE: This is not a download/installation tutorial, neither how to connect to our IRC channel, for that check this thread: 

Let's get into it!

What is mIRC?

if you don't know what is mIRC you probably won't understand what I'm talking about in the whole thread.
So, basically mIRC is a full featured IRC client for Windows that can be used to communicate, share, play or work with others on IRC networks around the world, either in multi-user group conferences or in one-to-one private discussions. (Source: http://www.mirc.com/about.html)

The difference between browser clients and the mIRC client, is that with mIRC you can customize your client's layout, you can add new commands and/or scripts into it, it's much easier to use, and much more.

And without further ado, it's time to learn how to do some of those things!

Change your client layout

As said above you can change your client's layout, and to do that it's very simple, simply press ALT + K (or press view > colors) and you'll have a window pop up:


You can also change the font of your text by clicking on view > font, a window like this should pop up:


Now just change your colors & font to your own taste and press OK to view them.
NOTE: To change the background color just click on the empty space on the box and change the color.

The channels' boxes on the mIRC window are windows as well and you can change their size to fill up the mIRC window, but you can also put them to a size you can see the background, and change it to a background of your choice, for that simply right click on the background outside the boxes and go to background > select like this:


Choose your background, and then adjust the boxes sizes, and the background.

 I personally don't have a background, as I don't use it on full screen, but I made a quick example for you with the background tiled:


With that you can customize your client for it to look sexy as hell and cool!


And you're wondering, what is aliases?
It's very simple, aliases can be described as "also". Still didn't get it? Don't worry you will.
In IRC you can use commands like /join and /quit, or even /ban or /kick if you're an admin, in mIRC you can create aliases for those commands, such as /j, /q, or /b, /k  to make it easier and faster.

And in this part of the tutorial I'll show you how to create aliases to make your journey on mIRC easier and faster.

First of all to write those aliases, start by pressing ALT + R or click on tools > scripts editor, and there click on aliases.
There you'll find a list of some aliases made by the mIRC devs already, under them you'll write the alias command I'll show you now, but first you need to know how to write it and to write an alias it's a very simple format: [alias command] [command it uses(With parameters if any)]

So the alias you'll learn now is /login, and it goes like this: /login /ns id YourPassword

To log in your account you must use /ns id YourPassword, well when you create this alias, all you have to do is use /login, and you'll be logged.

Another thing is if you're using parameters on your alias you'll have to use $ for them, I'll show you how to do a /slap command for fun,
For that command you'll use /me, we all know what /me is for, specially if you have played Roleplay.
So the command goes like this: /slap /me has slapped $1.
Basically $1 becomes a parameter you'll use in your command, so "/slap Andre" = "YourNick has slapped Andre."
In case you want to add more parameters, just add more $'s but increase the number everytime, $1, $2, $3, ... Otherwise, it will always show the parameter 1.

Now /ns id YourPassword is "also" /login.
And /me has slapped .. is "also" /slap.

You can create plenty of different aliases to make everything easier and faster.


mIRC also has a powerful scripting language that can be used both to automate mIRC and to create applications that perform a wide range of functions from network communications to playing games. (Source: http://www.mirc.com/about.html)
mIRC uses mSL aka mIRC Scripting Language (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIRC_scripting_language)

On the previous part, you learned how to do an alias to login faster with /login, instead of using the whole login command.
Well now I'll show you a script on how to login instantly, when you connect to the IRC server, no commands needed.

For that press ALT + R again, but stay on the remote page.

In this tutorial, i'll use the server we, New Dawn use.
To instantly login on connect, this is the script you'll have to use:

on *:connect:
  if ($network == irc.tl) 
    msg NickServ identify YourPassword

For the first line I think we all understand it's when the client connects to a server.
On the 3rd line, the client checks if the server we connected to is irc.tl, the one we use.
On the 5th line is what happens if it is that server, in this case, it will log in your account instantly.

And there you go, you'll automatically log in on connect.


In mIRC you can get highlighted when someone uses a certain word or a certain person says something, in this part I'll show you how to.

First, what is highlighting, highlighting in some sort means notifying in mIRC, it notifies you with a sound, when someone says a word you added into your highlight list, to get that list start by pressing ALT + B or click on tools > Address Book, and click on highlight.
When you're there check "enable highlight" and click on add, this window will pop up:


On the first box you'll input the word you want to be highlighted.
Match on - choose either it notifies you when the word is on a nickname or in a message or even in both
Case sensitive - we all know what is it for, either it highlights no matter what, or only highlights if it has the exact same syntax you input.
Regex - Not really aware of what is it, sorry.
Color - The color of the highlighting (The whole line will have that color)
Sound - The sound it does to notify you, if you click on it, it will set the default "Beep", which is a windows sound, if you click again, it will ask you to choose a sound from your PC, you can put any mp3 file you wish, a song, or a simple sound you download from the internet.
Flash message - How many times the sound will be activated until you open mIRC
Tip message - The message it will pop up for how many time, in your bottom right corner, with the message you input in the last box, I have this when someone says "admin" or "adm" in game:


Click OK and your highlight is ready, you'll now be notified with a sound, whenever someone uses the word highlighted.

Additional Functions

Here is some additional functions you can use in mIRC:

Slap someone - In mIRC you can slap someone by right clicking his name on the list, and pressing "slap!", this will slap the user and send them a sound notification.
Easier administration - In mIRC admins can do some admin work faster by right clicking the user's name on the list:

View logs - One of the best features of mIRC is that you can see the entire logs of the channels you connected to by clicking on tools > Log Files.
Send files - Yes, you can also send files in mIRC to someone with mIRC(Not to a normal browser client), by pressing ALT + S.
Online timer - You can also check how much time you've been online in total in mIRC with ALT + I.
Commands - If you press Commands on the top bar, you can see plenty of things you can do in 2 clicks:

And much more.

There you have a small tutorial on how to work with mIRC at it's best, and make a full profit of it!

Thank you for reading!


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Nice tutorial but I have a question, why are banned people not welcomed on irc?


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1 hour ago, Potato said:

Nice tutorial but I have a question, why are banned people not welcomed on irc?

The IRC counts as a part of the main server, thus you are banned from there as well. Because you still need to link the main server with the IRC to get it to function, thus it's part of the server.


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