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Derby 2.0

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7 minutes ago, DuuhZehBruuuH said:


I did not say that my idea is good, just said that you words have no arguments

With these 2 arguments ,  you that there is a lot to learn yet.  New maps ins't new way to sucess,


join on derby servers and look that much servers use only old maps (without decoration).  #Fact_1

Samp is different, it has maps with 100 objects that the player fps at 30 (even with little decoration). #Fact_2


Log on to mta's servers and see if I'm lying.
Then enter the new dawn server and set the maps "Jungle1, Jungle2, Jungle3" look the fps 


My subject with you ends here, do not waste my time with uninformed people who do not even want to play derby.

Start reading from the start of the topic already. Yeez. I support your suggestion but it DD shouldn't end up in a fantasy game. Twice a day for 30 minutes fantasy derby looks acceptable to me. But that's it for me. Other opinions are also appreciated whatsoever. 

ANOTHER WAY to improve DD

Is to make original maps instead of only cross maps with 12 shades around. kek 


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Lets no lose the plot guys. 

+1 for the ideas, and i think loners can totally own with this, here is a stig tutorial : 



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